10 Famous TikTok Cat Influencers & their Viral Cat Videos

10 Famous TikTok Cat Influencers & their Viral Cat Videos - OutdoorBengal

Cats have been around for over 12,000 years, and in that time they've become man's best friend. Evidence of the close relationship between cats and people may be obtained from the internet.

Cats have taken over the internet over the years.

Cat influencer accounts are as popular as humans'. A great number of them even outnumber the standard influencers in terms of fan base numbers. TikTok is not all about dance challenges! In this blog post, I am going to enlist the top 10 cat influencers on Tik Tok and several videos which make them famous.

Cat Influencers on Tik Tok:

The last few years have seen a tidal surge of excitement over TikTok, with an increasing number of young, intelligent individuals using it to promote their ideas.

People on TikTok are giving their cats human voices, recording their experiences as cat pawrents, and getting in on the latest cat pawrent craze. Below, we've compiled a list of the most popular cat influencers on TikTok:

  1. Nanoos & Reem @nanoosontheloose
  2. Beanie @beansthegingercat
  3. Stryker the Cat @strykerthecat
  4. Cat Newquist @indooroutdoorkat
  5. Mia & Jerrie @mmeowmmia
  6. Albert & Mia @outdoorbengal
  7. Venus Two Face Cat @venustwofacecat
  8. Mason Glasco @maseplace
  9. Abram Engle @abrameng
  10. That Little Puff @thatlittlepuff

Nanoos & Reem @nanoosontheloose

Nanoosontheloose tiktok cat

We think cats are very adorable, and as human companions, they bring us happiness. However, there is something unique about this cat. Whenever you see Nanoos, you could think she dislikes you. Whenever Nanoos is in a social situation, she becomes very hostile and attempts to harm anybody she sees.

You can increase the trust of a fearful cat and stop biting and scratching!

It was clear that Reem cared deeply for her. Nanoos, to everyone's surprise, began to warm up to Reem and her family. Additionally, Reem made her a TikTok account. This TikTok account has been a huge success for reem and her cat influencer with 579k followers.

Nanoos & Reem Famous TikTok Videos

Beanie @beansthegingercat

Beans the Ginger Cat Tiktok

Beans is a cute cat, but he spends all of his time napping. I've never seen him completely opening his eyes. Furthermore, his pawrents often take him on trips all around the world, where his timid nature never fails to capture the hearts of the countless people he meets.

Beans Viral TikTok Videos

Stryker the Cat @strykerthecat

Stryker the Cat

Let me introduce you to another cat. Stryker is a Savannah cat with a slender physique and lengthy limbs. Stryker is not your regular domestic cat, it's an F1 Savannah cat. Because of the spots, people often confuse Stryker with a Bengal Cat, but that's a different breed.

Stryker's pawrents, Shlomo and Joe, rescued him from a tiny cage, but he's now an Instagram and TikTok sensation. Stryker is easily recognizable due to his appearance. People were wary of approaching him since he looked so regal with his golden coat and black patches. He's surprisingly easy to get along with.

Stryker The Cat Viral Videos

Cat Newquist @indooroutdoorkat

Newquist Tiktok Famous Cat

Before Kat Newquist made the account, she was going through a hard time. She made several introductory films with the cats belonging to her partner's parents. Then, a shift occurred. A pregnant stray cat from Costa Rica suddenly appeared in her life, and she began chronicling their adventures together. Beyond her wildest dreams, the account has more than a million followers.

Indoor vs. Outdoor is a question that many cat parents face. Do you let your cat outside unsupervised? Our opinion is that it is worth walking your cat on a leash. It is safer and cats get to enjoy the outdoors anyways! 

Newquist TikTok Viral Videos

Mia & Jerrie @mmeowmmia

Mmeowmmia Famous Tiktok Cat Videos

You've seen her videos if you're a regular TikTok user. People love Mia. She has stunning blue eyes and a stunning fur coat. The pawrents' originality added a surprising twist to the footage. More than 187 million people have seen the video of Mia crossing a maze of plastic cups.

Mia & Jerry Viral Videos

Albert & Mia @outdoorbengal

OutdoorBengal Tiktok Cat Famous

This TikTok account is about adventures with a cat. A helpful informational cat influencer account to help cat parents do more and better with their cats.

You can get training about different aspects of dealing with cats:

  1. Clicker Training
  2. Adventure Cat Training
  3. Cat Behavior
  4. General Cat Advice

They also make YouTube content about cats' behaviors and make enriching cats' lives easier.

OutdoorBengal Cat Viral Videos

Venus Two Face Cat @venustwofacecat

Venus Two Face Cat Tiktok

Chimerism, a genetic condition that gives Venus her multicolored face, is responsible for her appearance.

Did you know that close to 100% of Tricolor Cats and Calicos are Female Cats?

Her eyes are green on one side and blue on the other, and one side of her face is completely black. Due to this peculiarity, she has become the most popular cat on TikTok. This kitty is wonderful in ways beyond her good looks. Her parents say she is so good she doesn't even scratch the furniture.

Venus Two Face Cat Viral TikTok Videos

Mason Glasco @maseplace

Mason Adams Tiktok Cat Dad

Mason Glasco is quickly becoming one of TikTok's most popular creators, with his account having amassed over 7 million followers and 230.6 million likes. His most famous video on TikTok, which he uploaded in March of 2020, is him chatting with his cat, Cooter.

Mason and Cooter have an enchanted connection that enables them to speak freely and openly with one another.

Mason Adams Viral Videos of His Cat

Abram Engle @abrameng

Abram Engle Tiktok Famous

Abrameng's dancing cat, Kurt, has amassed a massive following of 7.6 million owing to his participation in several dance contests. When the music started playing, Abrameng said Kurt would become thrilled and start dancing within 15 seconds.

Abram Engle Funny Cat Viral Videos

That Little Puff @thatlittlepuff

That LIttle Puff Cat Tiktok Famous

Amazingly, this kitten can create his meal without the help of his pawrents, who spend a lot of time and effort thinking of creative methods to feed their cats. While he was enjoying his newfound household bliss, he also discovered a hidden passion for the kitchen.

Starting with the basics like preparing sandwiches, Puff has progressed to being an expert bartender. Probably Puff cooks his own Raw Cat Food.

That Little Puff Entertaining Cat Viral Videos

The list of some of the most famous Cat TikTok influencers goes with this.

How to Make Your Cat TikTok Famous?

Let's get to the point... you want to make your cat TikTok famous and don't know where to start. Well, the #1 thing you need to do is to have a Tiktok where you share content about your cat. It seems obvious but most people already fail to do this.

Then, the process gets as complicated as you want it to be. Social media is the biggest rabbit hole and you can keep it as fancy or as simple as you want, but there's a common theme when curating content for TikTok, Instagram or other platforms.

The Only Way to Grow creating content is by Offering Something of Value to Your Audience

Social Media Exists to Inspire, Entertain and Educate

Let's face it... no one wants to see a boring salad on TikTok unless it's a Kardashian salad. The content we are used to seeing on social media posted by famous influencers is not the type of content that will make your or your cat famous. Creating vanity content that is a combination of bragging and what you eat will only have value to the people that already care about you. 

In today's competitive Tiktok, Twitter, YouTube or Instagram ecosystems it all goes down to what you have to offer to your audience. There are plenty of pet owners sharing their content online. Why should people follow you? What do they gain by following your TikTok account?

And when it comes to giving value to an audience through social media it all comes down to one of these 3 things:

  1. Inspiration
  2. Entertainment
  3. Education

1. Inspiration

Create an account that will help people how good can it be to have a cat. You can share things like:

  • How good your bond with your cat is
  • Ways you've found to entertain yourself and your cat
  • DIY projects you've done and love
  • Things you do with your cat no one else does
  • How beautiful can it be to help a rescue cat or a cat with health issues

Transformational stories can be very inspiring and will help you bring people together with you on the journey!

2. Education

Another great way to offer value to your audience is by sharing things you know that people don't. It is quite easy to feel like you are not good enough to educate others and sometimes we tend to have impostor syndrome, but the reality is this:

Wherever you are in life, there are people starting the same journey which you are in. Offering your unique point of view can help others. You just need to be one step ahead to help someone get where you are.

So, think of which fights or opportunities or projects have you worked on to help improve your cat's life or yours and share them with your audience.

Education can also be transformational. Has a DIY project changed your home? Has teaching your cat clicker training improved your bond?

3. Entertainment

Last but not least, you need to do it in an entertaining way. Ultimately, users go to the platform to disconnect from their day-to-day duties and get some fresh air from the news and their jobs or school.

The only way that your content is going to reach people is if your content is easy to consume, it's created in an entertaining way that will keep people watching.

TikTok trends and music can help your videos get more views, and although there's no magic sauce for virality, they can really help you reach more people.

Education can be entertaining and inspirational content as well! Try now to look at the content you consume with the lens of Inspiring, Educating, and Entertaining and you'll see what kind of content you like consuming most. 

Did I miss a famous cat? Leave it in the comments and we'll add it!

Stay Wild, Stay Safe... I'll See You Outdoors!

Albert & Mia