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Bonding with your Cat


Is your Cat Happy?

Indoor cats often suffer from depression.

I learned it the hard way. When I first got my cat I quickly started to consider her like family. I wanted to provide for her but sometimes she acted as if she was unhappy or even depressed...

- She would meow and meow and nothing I did would make a difference
- She would attack my ankles for no apparent reason
- She would ignore me when I tried to play with her
- She would eat all the time and never have enough

I realized there was a big problem no one talks about: We have removed cats from outdoors and by doing that we've stripped away their enrichment.

I was not able to understand her and she had a hard time communicating with me as well. I wanted to give her the best life I could and started reading everything I found about cats and enrichment.

I came to the realization that cat happiness comes from giving them lives as true to nature as possible in these 3 big areas:
1) Physical Stimulation
2) Mental Stimulation
3) Nutrition

Clicker Training Cats Albert and Mia the Bengal Cat

Can Cats Be Trained?

Cats not only can be trained, they love it!

Cats' subtle and non-verbal communication can make it hard for cat guardians to understand their cats. I am on a mission to help cat parents enrich their cats' lives.

Thousands of Mia´s friends have learned from our clicker training lessons and outdoor cat training and proven that not only cats can learn tricks and go on adventures but that they love the enrichment and activity that training provides.

Start training your cat today using positive reinforcement and see how your bond gets stronger and your relationship more rewarding.

The Click Crusade - Cat Training Card Game

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Elevates Your Bond

Training creates trust and establishes communication and a positive relationship between the cat and the human.

Improves Behavior

Rewarding behaviors that you wanna see more often will ultimately diminish the behaviors that you would like to prevent.

Drains their Energy

You can use clicker training to get your cat moving in ways they wouldn't without it. Even teach them to et inside the carrier.


I follow Albert & Mia on YouTube and Albert is the creator of this training program. I am so impressed by how he has trained Mia. They have a wonderful life together because of this training patience & ❤️


Amazon Customer


Mr T & Big Tony are their tearing their way through the tricks! Ok well 2 so far, but it works!


Amazon Customer


For generations we have been approaching how we communicate with cats wrong if you don't want your cat to do something instead of locking them up I suggest you try this game with a clicker.


My cat learns these tricks so quickly and the instructions are so easy to follow. All my friends are wowed when they see him performing the cutest tricks and shocked when they find out how quickly he picked them up. Highly recommend!

Blue Lea

Amazon Customer


Thank you to Albert and Mia! I am already enjoying these trainings with my Benny! I will add videos when he is farther along in his training!


Amazon Customer

Walking Cats on a Leash

Cats were designed for the outdoors.

Felines are the most badass, agile, quiet, and majestic mammals and I truly believe that going on adventures and taking cats outdoors is one of the richest ways to enrich their lives.

If you feel like your cat might like the outdoors, I encourage you to try it. Walking on a leash is one of the most enriching experiences you can offer your cat.

If you decide to take your cat outdoors, don't let a bad harness ruin the experience!

Look for a harness that:

1) Is comfortable
2) Is safe
3) It's escape-resistant

Our Houdini™ Cat Harness was designed to deliver against all 3!

Houdini™ Cat Harness and Leash - Escape Resistant, Light and Safe

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I've tried vest style harnesses, and he HATED them. He would just flop. This one he accepted right from the start. Absolutely worth the money.

Jaime V

Amazon Customer


I have tried most harnesses on the market and my cat either slipped them or refused to walk. Now when she sees me get the harness she spins in excitement and runs to the door.


Amazon Customer


Our Bengal kitty loves to go out on a leash but has always been able to back out of other harnesses if we didn’t monitor him. This has become our go-to harness as it is much more secure and safe.


Amazon Customer


After going through several harnesses my cat did not enjoy, I came across this one. Fantastic lightweight design that is minimalist enough not to have her constantly biting and scratching trying to escape.

Rob Pugh

Amazon Customer


So far, so good. My little houdini hasn't escaped yet! My cat managed to get out of her old harness, so I decided to look for a more escape-proof one.


Amazon Customer

Welcome to the Future of Cats

In the U.S., over 60% of the 80 million domestic cats are kept indoors, for both safety and convenience. However, while indoor environments protect our feline friends, many cats may not receive the needed enrichment for optimal well-being.

Our mission?
To equip cat parents with the right tools and knowledge to keep their indoor cats active, mentally stimulated, and nutritionally satisfied.

We believe in the power of positive reinforcement, supervised outdoor exploration, and food as nature intended to strengthen our bond with our feline companions.

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