Best Cat Litter

Dealing with the litter is probably one of the most tedious tasks of having a cat...

World's Best cat litter is BY FAR the best litter when it comes to clumping and odor protection.

Best Cat Training Treats

You have to find that treat that your cat goes crazy for.

Your cat will go crazy for this freeze-dried chicken. Treat to train difficult tricks or to get your cat's attention outdoors.

Train a non-food motivated cat

Best Cat Food

My cat had stomach issues and I tried almost every single cat food out there. Finally I decided to give raw food a try.

Darwin's is the brand that stopped my cat from having soft tool on a daily basis. I LOVE IT.

Why I Switched to Raw

Best Cat Harness

Going outdoors with your cat is totally possible but doing it right requires the best adventure cat gear. The harness that I currently use is from PetSafe, it's light, comfortable and safe!

TOP5 Cat Harnesses

How to Choose the Best Cat Harness

Cleaning Robot

Let's face it, having a cat comes with litter and cat hair everywhere. This little helper vacuums twice a week and makes keeping my home clean easy.

Best Cat Leash

Walking a cat on a leash it's easier with the right leash. Dog leashes are too heavy, get tangled and are just not made for cats. This is the leash we use and we LOVE IT.

Best Cat LitterBox

Litterboxes don´t need to be ugly. Our favorite litterbox is not only pretty, it´s also functional: Easy to clean and easy to look at!

Learn More About LitterBox Best Practices

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Best Cat Health Insurance

Keeping your cat happy and healthy is the main responsibility as a cat parent. It can become expensive if your cat gets sick. A cat health insurance will prevent you to have to choose between spending bick bucks or treating your cat.

Best Talking Buttons

FluentPet is the first brand that started producing Assistive Language Technology specific for pets.

I like their buttons because they are small, sound great, and come with a colorful background that will help your cat find the right button.

Learn more About Talking Buttons

Best Talking Buttons Review

Best Cat Furniture

Your cat needs enrichment indoors. In the wild they hunt, chase and kill prey but in your home everything is boring and predictable. Adding cat furniture is a great way to enriching your cat's life.

How to Enrich Your Cat Indoors

Best Cat Toys

By far the best cat toy you can get your cat is an interactive toy. Of all the toys we've tried, this wand is the best by far!

Learn 10 Ways to Entertain Your Cat

Best Cat Water Fountain

Cats are not designed to drink water. They get most of the hydration they need from their food. Particularly if you are feeding your cat dry food, you need to ensure they drink enough. This water fountain will help you do so.

Best Cat Carrier

If you are going to travel with your cat, you will need a carrier. A good carrier will last longer, be more comfortable for your cat and will have other functionalities, like this one, that can be used to provide shelter and shade for your cat outdoors.

Best Cat Scratcher

Kitty City scratchers are the smart, economical way to protect your valuable Furnishings.

They are definetely not the most fancy but they are 100% the best value for the $$.