6 Gestures that Speak Directly to the Heart of Your Cat

The enigmatic grace of a cat's movements, the soft purr of contentment, the gentle nuzzle against your hand—these are the subtle gestures that touch the hearts of those who share their lives with a cat.

In this article, we'll explore six gestures that resonate deeply with our furry feline friends.

By understanding and responding to these gestures with care and empathy, we can cultivate a bond that transcends words: a bond forged through shared moments of companionship.

Join us as we uncover the gestures that speaks directly to the heart of your beloved cat.

Make a Day Everyday Without Breaking the Bank

The following for $0 on a special day, just a tinny gesture to say "I Love You".

- Spend a little extra time playing:

In general, we spend a lot less time than we should interacting with our cats. Playtime is a great way to show them we care and also a great bonding activity.

Add +10min to your play routine. If you usually play 10min, try 20 this time. If you usually do 30min try 40...

- A DIY Delight for Your Feline Friend:

This is one of the oldest and easiest DIY cat toys out there. It will take you less than 1 minute to prepare and be hours of fun for a kitty.

Jazz up a toilet paper roll by stuffing some high-value treats inside and folding the sides.

- Elevate their dinning experience:

Whip up some delicious homemade recipes for your cat using ingredients you already have in your kitchen.

Try cooking some special meal like turkey jelly or chicken liver paté.

Check the full vet approved recipes here.

Discover the RAW Method

Love isn't confined to just one day. Particularly not the love for our cats...

Nurturing a relationship requires daily care. As a devoted cat parent, I'd like to share with you the most valuable gift I discovered.

One that has significantly enhanced the wellbeing of Mia and our bond: Enrichment

Enrichment comes in many forms, but I call it the RAW method:

REAL - Real Food and Feeding Schedule
ACTIVE - Outdoors, Environment and Interactive Play
WISE - Mental Enrichment with Clicker or Buttons

REAL - Real Food and Feeding Schedule

A Guide to Natural Nutrition

Just like humans, cats can suffer from obesity related issues. These include diabetes, joint problems and heart disease.

To help your cat maintain an ideal weight, ensure they have a balanced diet with proper portion control.

We switched to a raw diet and it has done wonders for us: Her poop is less smelly, she's more active and her coat shouts HEALTHY!

Timing is Everything: Mastering Your Cat's Schedule

There's this believe that cats graze in nature. That's not true. Cows graze. Cats hunt.

Having always food available for them limits their energy, shuts their research and curious minds and leads to over-feeding.

Scheduling meals is what I've seen work best to both deepen the bond and keeping your cat healthy.

ACTIVE - Outdoors, Environment and Interactive Play

Physical enrichment can include a variety of activities such as walking outdoors on a leash or having acess to enough cat furniture to climb, observe and hunt from.

Regularly rotating toys and creating new play areas will prevent boredom and encourage exploration.

Some cats that have had very contemplatory lives can be overwhelmed by too much change too quickly, so start slow and see how your cat reacts to it!

WISE - Mental Enrichment with Clicker or Buttons

Training your cat might not be the first thing that comes to mind... they told us cats are not good at listening...

Training your cat either with clicker training or button talking is a valuable long-term gift that can enhance your cat's safety, strengthen your bond and make daily life more manageable.

Mental stimulation also engages your cat and drains their energy, reinforcing positive behaviors.


Every subtle gesture—a purr, a head-butt, a playful swat—is a testament to the bond we share with our cats. By understanding and responding to these gestures with care and empathy, we deepen our connection with our feline companions.

Whether it's spending a little extra time playing, crafting a DIY toy from household items, or elevating their dining experience with homemade treats, these gestures can forge a deeper bond with our cats that transcends words.

But love for our cats isn't confined to just one day—it's an everyday commitment to their wellbeing. Through enrichment activities like the RAW method—Real food, Active play, and Wise mental stimulation—we can provide our cats with the physical and mental stimulation they need to thrive.

So let's embrace each day with our beloved cats, celebrating the joy they bring into our lives and the love that binds us together, one gentle gesture at a time.

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