Ragdoll Cat 101 - History, Personality and Traits

Ragdoll Cat 101 - History, Personality and Traits - OutdoorBengal

The Ragdoll Cat is a cat breed that's characterized by a white coat with a color point on the face, ears, tail, and paws and mesmerizing blue eyes. They wear a soft mid-length silky coat and are known for being docile and affectionate.

An interesting fact about ragdoll cats is that they are white when they are born and the darker color on their fur appears only around two months old. As they grow into adult cats their coat color will become more prominent.

Ragdoll Quick Stats

Lifespan Icon
12-17 years
Weight Icon
10-20 lbs (males), 8-15 lbs (females)
Coat Icon
Long, silky, plush
Shedding Icon
Gentle, affectionate, laid-back
Common Health Problems:
Hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, Calcium oxalate bladder 

If you are considering adopting one of these beautiful cats, you might be asking yourself some of these questions:

What Breeds Make a Ragdoll Cat?

Ragdolls were first bred in the 1960s in California by Ann Baker. Baker created the ragdoll breed by crossbreeding several different types of domestic cats. The first ragdoll cat was named "Bucket O' Rags."

The breeds that were selected to create the Ragdoll Cat were Persians, Burmese, and Birmans. These cat breeds were selected not only because they had beautiful silky coats but also because of their temperaments. This is part of the reason that Ragdolls are said to have similar personalities as Persians and Birmans cats.

Ragdoll Cat Personality

While I keep reiterating that cats are not low-maintenance animals, Ragdoll cats might be one exception. They are big, sweet gentle giants. This breed is known for their laid-back personality that would rather enjoy their human's affection rather than play alone. They are known to be gentle, calm, and sociable.

The Ragdoll gets its breed name for its habit of chilling and being completely relaxed when picked up and cuddled.

This does not mean that Ragdoll cats don't enjoy exercise. Ragdolls are seen on leashes often and they like going outdoors. They are one of the few breeds of cats that are prone to liking water.


Their main distinctive point is that they are very affectionate. They were bred this way. They crave attention from their people. It is common to have Ragdolls follow their owner from room to room throughout the day.


They are smart cats. They can learn tricks and because they crave human attention, they are highly trainable cats.

Kid-Friendly and Adaptable

They are great with kids and other animals. However, note that their gentle nature will make them prone to taking a lot of abuse without vocalizing and kids and other cats might hurt a ragdoll. 

Be sure to educate other pets and kids in the house on how to handle the cat.

Ragdoll Physical Traits


The most relevant trait of the Ragdoll is their eyes. All purebred Ragdoll cats should have blue eyes. They should be large, with an oval shape.


Ears on Ragdolls are medium-sized, with rounded tips and growing wider at the base. Ample furnishings may be present.


Ragdoll is usually a medium-sized cat, but some can get fairly big reaching up to 28cm and males can top the scale at 15-20 pounds. Females, like in most cat breeds are proportionately smaller and usually weigh between 10-15 pounds at maturity.


A Ragdoll cat has soft silky fur that will be medium/long-haired. Their fur will display darker colors on their points: Ears, Tail, Eye Mask, and Paws. 

The main colors are seal, chocolate, blue, lilac, red, and cream. For every color, all points should be clearly defined along the face mask, tail, legs feed, and ears.

There's a color variation Mitted Ragdolls that will display white fur in their front paws and rear legs, and the point will be the upper legs. This color variation oftentimes comes with a white patch on the face as well.

Seal Mitted Ragdoll Fur


The Ragdoll cat’s tails are long, displaying the point color and a medium length and attractive plume.


Ragdoll cats tend to be large. A fully grown Ragdoll cat might weigh between 10-20 pounds or more and range in height anywhere from about 9"-11" inches tall.

Ragdoll Cat Price

Ragdolls can be expensive but are not amongst the more expensive cat breeds, with prices typically ranging from $1,200 to $2,500.

As for most pure breed cats, the biggest expense doesn't come from their price, it comes from their maintenance. In addition to food, litter, and toys, cats can suffer from health conditions that will require attention. The most common health problems on ragdolls are:

Health Problems Ragdoll Cats Have

Veterinarians recommend high-quality cat food for the breed. There are certain health conditions typical of Ragdolls:

Mouth and Gum Disiease

Like most breeds, Ragdolls may suffer from gum and dental disease during their lifetime.

Respiratory Tract Disorders

Cat flu can affect Ragdolls. Cat flu is an incurable viral condition that affects the upper respiratory tract and causes sneezing and a nasal discharge. It is easily prevented by vaccination in the early stages of the cat and the symptoms can be managed.

Heart Disease

Prone to a disease called hypertrophic cardiomyopathy, which can lead to heart failure, is common in Ragdolls. Whilst the condition is not curable, it can be treated with lifelong medication.

Gastrointestinal Disorders

This is not a problem exclusive to the breed. Most cats can suffer from problems affecting their gastrointestinal tract.

Do Ragdolls Make Good House Pets?

Ragdolls are exceptional pets, particularly if you are looking for an affectionate cat that's loving and seeks attention. They're a medium to large breed, so make sure you have the space needed in your home to make this cat happy. Catifying your apartment will be a must if you don't have much space in your home. Ragdolls are long-haired and despite most requiring almost no grooming and shed very little, when they do, their hair will take over your house.

In all, Ragdolls are sweet giants that will cuddle and impress you and your visitors with their soft and snug coats.

Stay Wild, Stay Safe, See You Outdoors!

Albert & Mia

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