Top 10 Cat Blogs - Do More and Better with Your Furry Friend

Top 10 Cat Blogs - Do More and Better with Your Furry Friend - OutdoorBengal

Being a cat parent, you develop a lifelong affection for them. The cats you keep as pets develop into companions who participate in all aspects of your life. When that happened to me, I started developing the need to know everything about cats, learn how to make them happy and how to enrich their lives and mine.

If you share your life with a cat or if you are looking forward to adopting one soon and know little about them, you should read and learn from some of the most knowledgeable cat bloggers.

We searched the internet and compiled the best 10 cat blogs to choose from as your new favorite reading material. For more information on cats, continue reading! 

1. The Catnip Times Blog

The Catnip Times Blog

Making your cat's life more enjoyable, healthier, and fulfilling is your duty as a cat parent. In Catnip Times Blog, you'll learn about the most recent products that can guide you better look after your cat's general well-being. 

Lauren Mieli, a cat lover, founded the company in 2012. This website promotes the lifestyle of cats and fosters relationships between people and the cats they own. It will also discuss the benefits of cats for mental health.

The Catnip Times blog can be helpful for many cat owners as it raises awareness for conditions that affect cats but have no cure, such as FIP. It also sheds light on the lesser-known adverse effects of declawing, such as feline phantom pain. To the cat owners looking for the most recent information on cats, this blog has emerged as a premier source of reliable information.

2. Katzenworld

Blog About Cats

Katzenworld is the most popular cat blog in the UK. Run by a group of cat owner friends, this blog discusses a range of subjects that will interest many different cat enthusiasts. This blog is dedicated to bringing the most recent cat news and information. 

In this blog, there is a special section called Tummy Rub Tuesdays. People participate by sending pictures of their pets in tummy rub positions. The editor then publishes the best photos shared. While covering adorable cat stories, this blog also publishes reviews of products and significant articles about cat health.

Katzenworld also offers all the details about neutering a cat. Furthermore, if you want to know what your cat is thinking or learn more about your cat, this website has some informative blogs. This blog also provides a forum for people with general questions. Katzenworld excels at building online communities. 

3. The Meow Blog

The Meow Blog

One of the most well-known cat blogs worldwide is The Meow Blog. It aims to produce distinctive, humorous, and endearing cat stories and articles that are read by countless individuals every day. The website features a wide range of content, including numerous cat videos, cat rescue stories, adorable cat images, adorable cat videos, and a lot more. 

The meow blog also provides all the grooming-related insight. The Meow Blog is a fantastic cat blog having a huge fan base following among cat lovers everywhere. Moreover, if you have a cat who keeps meowing at the door, there is a blog where you can read about it and even learn how to prevent it. 

This blog offers various opportunities for advertising and collaboration, such as sponsored posts and banner spots. Additionally, their website rocks, making it really enjoyable and easy to browse through all their fun posts. You will find the best cat videos and cat stories in this blog.  

4. Pawsome Kitty 

Pawesome Kitty Blog

The title of this blog Pawsome Kitty, pretty much sums up how awesome it will be. Reading this blog, you will get the most recent cat news. This blog also covers cat behaviors and training. 

Moreover, it aims to provide knowledge about cat breeds, cat nutrition, cat health, cat care, and cat grooming. The blog is a good resource for new cat owners who want to learn more about the quirks and characteristics of their feline companions. 

If you need to discover the best cat litter box, check out their blog. This blog is helpful because it offers tips on avoiding and removing your cat's hair from your couch cushions. Pawsome Kitty is highly recommended for cat lovers!

5. Love Meow

Love Meow Blog

As cat lovers, we would enjoy watching a video about abandoned kittens finally finding a home, right? Love Meow is a site that features heart-warming and inspirational tales about all kinds of cats, including foster and rescue cats from around the globe. It publishes original articles and the most recent news regarding cats. 

Big cats saved by passionate individuals who care about animals' lives have a section of their own. This blog also included a heartwarming story about two blind cats looking after each other will surely melt your heart. Love Meow participates in cat rescue activities and raises public awareness. They help homeless cats find new homes. 

Furthermore, in this blog, there are some stories in the "Cuteness" section that you can look to make you smile. The blog featured a heart-touching story about two adorable kittens who helped each other survive without a mother.

6. The Conscious Cat

The conscious Cat Blog

If you are interested in learning what it is like to live with a cat, visit Ingrid King's The Conscious Cat blog. Award-winning author and well-known blogger Ingrid King offers insight into the cat world on her blog.

The Conscious Cat covers topics on a variety of cat-related matters, including health, nutrition, behavior, and lifestyle. Frequent posts about current events that any cat parent might find exciting and informative are published on the blog, along with a list of a few helpful books. 

You can also look through the product guide to purchase various items that can enhance and improve your cat's quality of life. If you want to discuss or share something, you can get in touch with the owner of this blog.

7. The Purrington Post

The Purrington Post Blog

The Purrington Post features the newest fashions, interesting new concepts, advice, and merchandise for our feline friends with fur. This blog will entertain, educate, and inform readers who love cats. This blog also covers essential subjects like cat behavior, breeds, and intriguing cat facts.

Make sure to read their blog post on "How to Choose the Best Cat Food" if you're a new cat parent and want to choose a healthy diet for your feline friends. Furthermore, don't miss out on their section on feline funny, where you will find some comic content, amusing cat stories, and much more that will surely make you smile.

In this blog, you will find a section of inspiring stories with lots of touching cat stories on the website. They have a large selection of cat accessories and toys. With tonnes of helpful information, it is a fantastic cat blog.

8. Cat Faeries

Cat Faeries Blog

Since 1993, Cat Faeries has been offering everything organic and effective for positive behavior and better health and happiness for your cat. Dedicated cat lovers and environmental activists, Cat Faeries, are on a mission to bring about this kind of change. They are on a path to benefit the cat community, their human caregivers, and the planet where we live.

The blog covers areas like cat training, cat behavior, toys, and the health and well-being of cats. To improve cats' quality of life and overall health through holistic, natural methods, Cat Faeries carries out ongoing research into various aspects of cats. There is also a section of cute and funny cat videos that you will undoubtedly love and enjoy.

If you are concerned about fleas and ticks on your cats and want to protect them, this is the blog to read. The blog offers some seriously excellent information on training techniques, insights into feline behavior, and a distinctive perspective on life generally. 

9. Pet Animal Talk

Pet Animal Talk Blog

Cat lovers looking to educate themselves should check out Pet Animal Talk. Other than cats, this blog also offers about birds, dogs, and even horses. In Pet Animal Talk, you will understand more about your cat's behavior, care, training, upbringing, and diet.

Pet Animal Talk offers you everything you need for your cat's needs, including food and other items from the biggest and most reliable international retailers. 

Find out some interesting facts about cats. Moreover, check out their blog to become more aware of common health issues in cats. It is a wonderfully entertaining blog that covers everything you want to know about your cats.

10. Outdoorbengal - Albert & Mia, the Outdoor Bengal Cat and her Cat Dad

OutdoorBengal Blog

Well, you are actually reading this same blog :)

I'm Albert and my cat's name is Mia. She's a sweet female bengal cat. We travel the world and help other cat parents do more and better with their cats.

If you want to learn more about the possibilities of cat training and traveling with your cat, this blog is for you. This blog is specially dedicated to ambitious cat parents that are ready to crush stereotypes and be part of the future of cats. You will learn about training cats and enriching their lives physically and mentally in a way that will strengthen your bond with your cat.

This blog is mostly organized in 3 big parts, but it has a lot more:

Let's get you started! Would you like to get your cat to do tricks or to correct some misbehavior and you don't know where to start?

Consider reading this training guide for beginners. In a few minutes, you will start to understand how to go about it. The guide has also links to the products you will need to clicker train your cat. Hopefully, it will equip you with a clear, simple framework to strengthen your communication and relationship with your cat.

Final words 

There is no doubt that cats make excellent pets and companions, in fact, I am pretty sure that cats make households happier, it was life-changing to me. Being a cat parent comes with great responsibility and I hope this blog selection will help you meet their needs, and spoil them occasionally.

Do you think I've missed an important blog about cats? Please, drop the link in the comment section!

Stay Wild, Stay Safe, we'll see you outdoors!

Albert & Mia


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