The Top 7 Iconic Cat Dad Influencers - Cat Daddies

The Top 7 Iconic Cat Dad Influencers - Cat Daddies - OutdoorBengal

We've all heard the sleepy old saying that men who adore children are endearing and kind. A man and his dog are comparable in this regard. But cat-loving men are far too frequently neglected and undervalued. To be clear, guys have always had a thing for cats. Cat daddies should get all the love, attention, and recognition in the world, just like cat mommies do.

In this article, to revive the cat dad spirit, we will tell you about seven incredible cat fathers doing so much for cats that we need to appreciate them.

1. Jackson Galaxy

Jackson Galaxy (@thecatdaddy) • Instagram photos and videos
source: Instagram @thecatdaddy

It's no surprise that Jackson Galaxy, the actual Cat Daddy, has become a feline icon. He developed his expertise in kitties while working at the Humane Society. Jackson Galaxy hosts the Animal Planet show My Cat From Hell. He started learning about working with cats, and ultimately he founded a business that provided mind-body consultations for felines.

With over two decades of experience assisting cats and their guardians in living healthier, better lives, this cat specialist is a pro in everything. From litter box issues to whisker stress, he will give you all the guidance you need.

2. Albert & Mia

Albert & Mia the adventure cat

source: Instagram @outdoorbengal

The owner of OutdoorBengal, Albert, encourages and supports cat owners in efforts to engage with their cats more. In 2020, he began training and traveling with his cat Mia, a Bengal Cat. He began sharing educational information to benefit other cat parents. His content has received over 30 million views in less than a year.

Albert is helping many people struggling with their cats through his Youtube channel and online cat training classes. He likes to go on hikes with his cat Mia. He also does grocery shopping with it. Albert enjoys carrying his cat on his shoulders while traveling. Their adventure story rapidly grew into one of the most popular adventure cat accounts all over the internet. 

Update: OutdoorBengal just released an Escape-Proof harness for walking cats.

3. Sterling "Trap King" Davis

Sterling “TrapKing” Davis (@the_original_trapking) • Instagram photos and videos

source: Instagram @the_original_trapking

Sterling "TrapKing" Davis is an experienced traveler, ex-military, music lover, and cat fan who has always enjoyed socializing with people. In 2017, he established his nonprofit organization, Trapking Humane Cat Solutions, to help and educate regarding community cat management and TNR. TNR means trap, neuter, and release. TNR serves as an alternative to killing and euthanizing feral and stray cats. It is an ongoing effort to control cat populations.

Sterling actively participates in Cat Con, Cat Camp, and other fundraising events for cat rescues and shelters in the US. He plans to help educate animal advocates in towns of all sizes and shapes on how to take care of their neighborhood cats while touring the nation in a recreational vehicle.

4. Nathan the Cat Lady



Despite being a model and actor, the star Nathan Kehn is widely renowned as "Nathan the Cat Lady" on the internet. He is a Colorado native who resides in Los Angeles now with Pickles, Annie, Princess, and Ginger, his four kitties. Nathan understood that to advance his career as an actor, and he needed to build a following through social media. 

He opened an Instagram account and began sharing amusing skits there. The Cat Lady came into being when Nathan realized how popular his cat videos were with his audience. He is one of the most well-known Instagram stars and the most popular celebrities born in the US. 

5. Aaron Benitez

source: Instagram @aaronsanimals

Aaron Benitez is well-known for creating videos with special effects, which feature hilarious adventures starring his cat, Prince Michael, and Phil. He is an entrepreneur from the United States who runs the Aaron's Animals YouTube channel. 

Over 357,000 people subscribed to Benitez's YouTube channel, which has 70 videos he has created and in which he frequently appears alongside his two cats. Benitez also regularly updates all his social media accounts, including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and the website where he sells Prince Michael merchandise.

6. Jeff Judkins

Jeff Judkins from Cat daddies

California software engineer Jeff Judkins has one black and white cat called Zulu. He has worked in the movie "Cat Daddies." He started posting updates about the cat's adventures on Instagram. Mye Hoang, a Los Angeles-based documentary filmmaker, discovered him there while looking for people for her film "Cat Daddies." 

An epilogue to the film provides details about the "cat daddies" activities through 2022. The story of this film centers on nine American men, each of whom shares a personal account of how their cats changed their lives.

7. Nyjer Morgan

Nyjer Morgan and his cat, Slick Willie. BREWERS Milw

Nyjer Morgan, an outfielder for the Milwaukee Brewers, may have a variety of personas when speaking to the media and playing baseball, but he is a cat enthusiast. When he comes home, he has an adapted kitty, Slick Willie, who is always waiting for him. In a PETA advertisement, Milwaukee's cutest fury fan poses with his top supporter to urge people to "adopt, not buy," companion animals.

Nyjer Morgan educates the public about the importance of adopting cats. He spreads the message that adopting and spaying or neutering your animal companions can help save cats from struggling and experiencing pain on the streets.

I hope you have fun and learn from these cat daddies!

Stay Wild, Stay Safe and we'll see you outdoors!

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