Welcome to Adventuring With Your Cat!

Please, read carefully these instructions before using the Outdoor Bengal Cat harness. Having fun outdoors starts with understanding your cat's needs and providing proper acclimatization.

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Prepare the Harness

Unbuckle both side straps.

Move the stopper down to a point where it’s only large enough for your cat’s head.

Grab the harness by the ring and keep the head space open.

Introduce Head

Tilt the Outdoor Bengal Harness slightly and introduce the cats head first.

Let the harness hang, with the side straps facing towards the floor.

Secure The Neck

Secure the neck with the stopper.

The chest pad should not be tight on the neck and should fall slightly below, over the ribcage.

Secure Sides

Clip the side buckles.

Adjust the length of the side straps.

You can unclip the buckles to make adjusting easier (One side at a time).

Fit as Displayed

The chest pad should not be too close to the neck, which could cause suffocation.

If it’s too close, release the stopper and let the chest pad slide down to the chest area.

Cat Training

Walking Your Cat on a Leash

Slow and steady wins the race:

1) Introduce the harness

2) Start walking indoors

3) Move to quiet outdoor spaces

4) Go on adventures only when your cat is ready

Cat Training Guide