Introducing Feastfuls: A Nutritional Delight for Your Cat

Introducing Feastfuls: A Nutritional Delight for Your Cat

In the past year at Outdoor Bengal, we've been hard at work turning one of our dreams into a reality: launching our first cat food product in the US market, one that Mia herself would approve of. Achieving this goal wasn't easy, especially given Mia's discerning taste!

From the very beginning, our aim was clear: the product had to be both tasty and nutritious, in line with nature's intentions.

Achieving these standards required the establishment of a rigorous quality plan throughout the production and commercialization process.

We're incredibly proud of the results we've achieved, and we're excited to share them with you!

Introducing Our New Product

We're excited to introduce Feastfuls, our freeze-dried cat treat made entirely from skinless, deboned chicken breast.

In the section below, we'll delve into the technology behind this preservation process.

Freeze-Dried Technology

Freeze drying, scientifically known as lyophilization, is a low-temperature dehydration process that involves freezing the product and reducing pressure to remove ice through sublimation. Unlike most conventional methods, which use heat to evaporate water, freeze-drying maintains the structural integrity, flavors, and original qualities of the food.

This process results in innovative products with the following features:

  • Retained nutritional quality, taste, shape, and size.
  • No need for refrigeration.
  • Extended shelf life of months or years.
  • Quick rehydration, unlike dehydrated foods.

Nutritional Analysis

To ensure the highest quality, we sent our product samples to an external laboratory for analysis of key nutritional components.

Here are the results:

  • Crude Protein: 87.3%
  • Crude Fat: 7.18%
  • Crude Fiber: 0.73%
  • Moisture: 3.07%

These values represent the approximate protein, fat, fiber, and moisture content, and they play a crucial role in assessing the product's nutritional composition.

Ok, but… Why “crude”? It is called "crude" because it doesn't provide information about the specific types of proteins, fats or fiber present or their quality.

From these parameters it is possible to determine other very important information: The calorie content, which is normally expressed by Metabolic Energy (ME).

At this point, you probably are thinking what is ME? Let’s dig a little bit into that concept.

Metabolic Energy

Metabolic energy, or metabolizable energy, is a concept used in nutrition and physiology to describe the energy available to an organism from its food after accounting for energy losses during digestion, absorption, and metabolism.

In the case of our product, the ME is 3666 Kcal/Kg or 1.83 Kcal/treat, typical for dehydrated, low-calorie white meat.

Chicken Meat

Considering the laboratory values obtained, let's describe Feastfuls in more detail. We've used Nutrient Optimiser, a reliable platform based on data from the U.S. Agricultural Research Service Food Data Central, which provides insights into various nutritional aspects of ingredients.

Here's how chicken breast is described:

  • Protein Completeness: Chicken Breast has a complete source of protein because, proportionally to its overall amino-acid content, it has enough of each essential amino acids.
  • High Protein Energy Ratio: Improving the protein energy ratio of the diet can be an effective strategy of increasing your diet quality an may potentially lead to weight loss.
  • Low Energy Density: Lowering the energy density of the food of your cat can be an effective strategy for the prevention and treatment of obesity without focusing on calorie intake.
  • Good Nutrient Density Score: The Nutrient Density Score tells you how much of the essential minerals, vitamins, amino acids, and fatty acids you get per calorie. It helps you get the nutrients you need without consuming excess energy.

Feeding Guidelines

Treats should not account for more than 10% of your cat's daily calorie intake. To help you maintain this balance, we've established the following guidelines for different cat breeds:


Mean Daily Energy Requirements

Maximum Feastfuls Daily Intake

Cornish Rex

220 Kcal

12 u

American Shorthair

318 Kcal

17 u


260 Kcal

14 u


238 Kcal

13 u


220 Kcal

12 u

Maine Coon

388 Kcal

21 u


298 Kcal

16 u

American Bobtail

298 Kcal

16 u

Norwegian Forest

440 Kcal

24 u


201 Kcal

11 u

Devon Rex

220 Kcal

12 u


157 Kcal

9 u

American Curl

157 Kcal

9 u


238 Kcal

13 u


298 Kcal

16 u


TIP! If you'd like to treat your kitty with more Feastfuls a day, I recommend breaking the chunks into smaller portions.

How and When to Give Feastfuls

Feastfuls can be a delightful and nutritious addition to your cat's diet. Here's how to offer them:

  1. Training Rewards: Use these treats during training sessions as rewards for positive behavior or to teach new tricks. Read our article Cat Training Guide for Beginners to train your cat from zero to hero.
  2. Treat Dispenser Toys: Place the treats in toys designed for cats, adding an element of mental stimulation and play.
  3. Hand Feeding: Strengthen your bond with your cat by hand-feeding the treats gently.
  4. Food Topper: Crush some chunks and sprinkle them over your cat's food. Also, you can rehydratate the Feastfuls chuncks with water and offer them like a wet topper. In both ways you will enhance its appeal and nutritional value. 

Always prioritize your cat's overall nutrition and well-being and consult with your veterinarian if you have any concerns about dietary changes or treat consumption, especially if your cat has specific health conditions or dietary restrictions.

Feastfuls, our freeze-dried cat treat made from skinless, deboned chicken breast, embodies our commitment to quality and nature's intentions. Retaining nutritional value, taste, and integrity, it requires no refrigeration and boasts an extended shelf life.

With crucial insights into its composition, it is perfect to enrich your cat’s diet. Follow our feeding guidelines to adapt Feastfuls seamlessly into your cat's daily routine and ensure a balanced and nutritious diet!

We take great pride in them and sincerely hope you enjoy them as much as we do!


Neus Torrent

Veterinarian & Animal Nutritionist

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