Cat Friendly Places - Collaborative Map

Use this map to find places in your area where you can go with your adventure cat! (Cat-Friendly Parks, Restaurants/Bars and Hotels)

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Adventure Cat Friendly Locations FAQ's

Cat friendly means that a place is suited for cats. This does not mean that cats are allowed but that cats can have the treatment and the spaces they need.
Cat friendly places are free from off-leash dogs, provide spaces to climb and hide and have staff that will help you with water or a place to put your litterbox.

These places can also receive the name of feline-friendly, where trained staff understand cats. There are some veterinary clinics, for instance, that are cat friendly, with specific rooms for cats, which reduces stress during the visit.

This map displays from parks to restaurants where cats are welcome and you can safely bring your cat with you.

Make sure you call the park or the location authority you are planning to visit to make sure they are still cat friendly, alternatively, most of the places in this map will include a callout on their websites if they are cat or pet friendly or let you know if cats are not allowed.

We supervise the locations we upload, but regulations can change and we have no way to keep this up do date without othe cat parents help.

While some parks are open to pets, national parks in the US are usually not. You can cross through them if your cat in on the car, but pets in general can't leave the vehicle.

This can often vary by country and location. State Parks in the US are, on the other hand, mostly cat and dog friendly.

You can find marked in red and with a house icon all the accomodations that are cat-friendly.

If you’ve got a specific hotel in mind but aren’t sure whether they are pet friendly or not, we recommend you to check their website. Most hotels and campings share their pet policy on their sites.

You have no idea how much we need your help! Please, use the form below to share this location with us so that we can upload it to the database!

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