Cat Friendly Places - Collaborative Map

From cat cafes to cat-friendly parks or even places to camp with your cat and hotels. In this collaborative map, you´ll find places that are welcoming to our feline friends. As businesses change over time, make sure you contact them before planning a trip.

As more people train their cats to be adventure cats, parks and businesses are creating safe and enjoyable places to visit with a cat. Not only do these places provide opportunities for cats to get exercise and socialization, but they also allow cat owners to bond with their pets in new and exciting ways.

If you're a cat owner looking for a new adventure with your furry companion, you came to the right place.

Track the places you visited and liked, and give back to the growing comunity of adventure cat enthusiasts.

What Does Cat-Friendly Mean?

Cat friendly means that a place is suited for cats. This does not mean that cats are allowed but that cats can have the treatment and the spaces they need.

Cat-friendly places are free from off-leash dogs, provide spaces to climb and hide and have staff that will help you with water or a place to put your litterbox.

These places can also receive the name of feline-friendly, where trained staff understand cats. There are some veterinary clinics, for instance, that are cat friendly, with specific rooms for cats, which reduces stress during the visit.

Are All These Places Cat Friendly?

Make sure you call the park or the location authority you are planning to visit to make sure they are still cat friendly, alternatively, most of the places in this map will include a callout on their websites if they are cat or pet friendly or let you know if cats are not allowed.

We supervise the locations we upload, but regulations can change and we have no way to keep this up to date without other cat parents' help.

While some parks are open to pets, national parks in the US are usually not. You can cross through them if your cat is in the car, but pets in general can't leave the vehicle.

This can often vary by country and location. State Parks in the US are, on the other hand, mostly cat and dog friendly.

What Makes a Good Cat-Friendly Place?

A cat-friendly place is one that welcomes and accommodates cats and their owners, providing a safe and enjoyable environment for both. Here are some key points cat people should consider when choosing a place to go with their cats:

  1. Pet policies: Check if the place has a pet policy that allows cats, and what the rules are. Look for signs that indicate whether cats are allowed, and make sure to follow any guidelines for keeping your cat safe and under control.
  2. Amenities: Look for cat-friendly amenities such as water bowls, litter boxes, and shady areas for your cat to rest. Some parks may even have designated cat areas where your cat can roam freely.
  3. Safety: Make sure the place is safe for your cat by checking for hazards such as traffic or wildlife. Avoid areas with high noise levels or crowds, which may cause stress for your cat.
  4. Health: Ensure your cat is up to date with their vaccinations and flea and tick prevention before visiting any public spaces. Also, be mindful of the potential for exposure to diseases or parasites from other animals.
  5. Consideration for others: Remember that not everyone loves cats, so be respectful of others' space and avoid letting your cat approach strangers without permission.