Antibacterial Breakaway Cat Collar

Antibacterial Breakaway Cat Collar

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Introducing the OutdoorBengal Cat Collar: The Ultimate Blend of Safety, Comfort, and Versatility for Your Beloved Feline Friend.

  • Breakaway
  • Adjustable
  • Antibacterial lining
  • Durable outside fabric

Crafted with precision, the Breeze Cat Collar encapsulates the essence of innovative pet care.

Its breakaway buckle offers safety without sacrificing durability. Your cat is protected from choking hazards, yet the collar stays securely in place during their daily adventures.

The collar's interior is lined with a soft, antibacterial cloth, prioritizing your pet's comfort at every turn, keeping your cat free from irritation and discomfort. The rip-stop fabric on the outside adds an extra layer of protection, ensuring that this collar withstands the test of time and play.

Compatibe with trackers like Airtags or GPS units transforms it into a tool for peace of mind. Always know your furry companion’s whereabouts, bringing a sense of security to your life.

Cat collars are important because they clearly indicate that your cat is not a stray, but a cherished member of your family. The ease of attaching identification tags further cements its role in keeping your pet safe and recognized.

This cat collar is crafted to suit kittens and adult cats alike, regardless of their gender, the Breeze Cat Collar adapts seamlessly to your cat’s growth and lifestyle changes. There are two sizes available, kitten and adult. 

In summary, the Breeze Cat Collar is more than just an accessory; it’s a commitment to your cat's well-being, a symbol of your care, and a practical tool for outdoor and adventure pet parenting. 

Stay Wild, Stay Safe and we'll see you outdoors!

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Benefits of Cat Collars

  • Non-Stray Identification: Signifies that your cat is not a stray, which can be particularly important in urban areas.
  • Makes it easier to recover a lost cat: Increases the chances of your cat being returned if it gets lost. Make sure you attach ID cards or an AirTag to the collar.
  • Establishing Routine: Getting your cat used to wearing a collar can help it understand it shouldn't leave the house without it.

Considerations When Choosing a Cat Collar

  • Breakaway Feature: Essential for safety, allowing the collar to come off easily if it gets snagged.
  • Proper Measurement: It's important to measure your cat's neck to ensure the collar fits properly.
  • Maintenance: Regularly clean the collar or consider an antibacterial option to maintain hygiene.
  • Not Suitable for Leash Walking: Standard cat collars are not designed for leash walking; a harness is a safer option for this activity. We highly recommend the Houdini Harness, it's escape-resistant, lightweight and very comfortable for the cat.
  • Regular Checks: Continuously monitor the collar's condition and fit to ensure it remains safe and comfortable.

Don't take our word for it


We got the Keeper AirTag holder for our tabby, and it's perfect. It fits well on his collar, not too tight or loose, and it's sleek enough not to bother him. A must-have if your cat goes outdoors!


Jersey City, NJ


I chose the Keeper AirTag holder for my adventurous Maine Coon, and I couldn't be happier. It attaches seamlessly to his collar, offering a comfortable fit without adding any bulk. For those with outdoor cats, this holder is an absolute necessity for peace of mind.


Los Angeles, CA


I love the Keeper AirTag. The fit is just right on her collar, neither too snug nor too loose, and its slim design doesn't impede her movements.


Scottsdale, Arizona


Measure your cat's neck with a flexible tape measure, ensuring you can fit two fingers between the collar and your cat's neck for comfort.

Breezer cat collars are adjustable, allowing for some flexibility in sizing.

Yes, breakaway collars are designed to unfasten automatically if the collar gets caught or snagged, preventing injury. They are highly recommended for cats that spend time outdoors.

Yes, it's generally safe for a cat to wear a collar all the time, as long as it fits properly and is comfortable. However, it’s good practice to occasionally remove the collar to check for any signs of irritation or hair loss.

Absolutely. Most cat collars have enough space to attach both an ID tag and an AirTag holder, ensuring your cat can be identified and tracked if necessary.

We recommend you use the Keeper AirTag holder for your cat collar.

Collars with bells are not harmful, but some cats may find them annoying. Cats have a great sense of hearing and bells near their ears can be a very frustration noise to deal with.

Bells can help alert birds and wildlife to your cat’s presence, potentially reducing the likelihood of hunting success.

Even indoor cats should wear collars with ID tags as a precaution, particularly if your cat likes the outdoors.

I lost my cat Mia in Mexico and just recovered her because she was wearing a collar with an AirTag.

If they ever escape or get lost, an ID Tag or an AirTag will make it easier to find them or be returned to you.