Albert Colominas

Our Story started when I realized that my cat Mia (the cool cat on my shoulder) helped me understand that cats are not low-maintenance animals.

I´ve made it our mission to educate cat lovers and cat parents so they can enrich their cats' lives and make better-informed decisions when it comes to training, physical stimulation, and feeding.

I'm in charge of the marketing efforts, product development, and operations.

Neus Torrent Ample

I'm a certified veterinarian and nutrition expert. I have over 10 years of experience working in veterinarian clinics and developing pet nutrition solutions.

When I'm not working I enjoy traveling, spending time with my dog, and hiking.

As the head of innovation, my mission is to develop nutritional products and solutions to help cat parents do more and better with their cats.

Stay Wild! Stay Safe! We'll see You Outdoors!

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