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60M views later, we continue to work to enrich cats' lives and help cat parents do more and better with their furry friends.

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We exist to help cat guardians offer their cats better and more enriching lives that will strengthen bonds for happier cats and happier cat parents.

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Our products and training programs have been designed only with cats and cat people in mind, making a conscious effort to leave dog-centrism aside.

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Our Story

Mia Came to My Life in August of 2020 but the need for a furry companion comes from a set of misfortunate events that got me very close to depression.

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Demistifying and Enriching Cats' lives

We listen. We care. We are extremely passionate about helping cat parents do more and better with their cats and Mia's friends. Find more about what we do by checking our social media:

Instagram Cat Dad Influencer

Shareable Reels, Carrousels and Stories about cat training, adventure cats and day to day life with a bengal cat on @outdoorbengal.


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YouTube Cat Tutorials Influencer

Long format video helping cat parents do more and better with their cats. Covering topics from cat training, cat behavior, and product reviews.

240K Subscribers

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TikTok Cat Dad Influencer

Inspiring, fast-paced, and adventure stories that consistently go viral with Albert and Mia, the adventure bengal cat on @outdoorbengal.


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