Clicker Training Starter Kit
Clicker Training Starter Kit
Clicker Training Starter Kit
Clicker Training Starter Kit
Clicker Training Starter Kit
Clicker Training Starter Kit

Clicker Training Starter Kit

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Take your cat training to the next level with the help of our training kit! All the tools and guideance you need to get started, and the tips, tricks and fun activities to help you teach your feline friend proper behaviors, cute tricks and strengthen the bond between you two in the process.

  • ALL-IN-ONE TRAINING ESSENTIALS: Our kit, a favorite among cat trainers, encompasses all you need for interactive training – Quiet Clicker, Target Stick Clicker, Treats Pouch, and an Easy-to-use Cat Clicker Training Guide. Perfect for beginners to pros!
  • FELINE-FRIENDLY DESIGN: Our unique Quiet Clicker is crafted to captivate without startling. Achieve positive reinforcement in indoor training sessions, ensuring your cat remains comfortable and engaged.
  • VERSATILE CLICKER STICK: Seamlessly guide and teach your cat with our Target Stick Clicker. Compact yet robust, it's your on-the-go solution for effective cat training.
  • ACCELERATED TRAINING: See your cat thrive when trainin gwith our expertly-curated guide, offering step-by-step instructions, insights, and tips, catering to cats of all ages and skill levels.
  • STRENGTHEN YOUR BOND: Beyond just tools, this training kit offers a pathway to a transformed relationship with your cat. Revel in the joy of a well-behaved feline and an enhanced bond every day.

What's included in this Cat Training Set?

This cat training kit is designed to take any cat parent from absolute beginner to expert.

        • X1 Quiet Clicker
        • X1 Target Stick Clicker
        • X1 Cat Training Quick Start Guide
        • X1 Treats Pouch

        Training doesn't stop here. We want to support you. We offer free training videos, complete clicker training manuals like The Click Crusade, and private 1o1 Coaching Sessions to take you and your cat as high as you desire to go.

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        I have to admit, even as a cat owner, I was pleasantly surprised to see how easy training cats is.

        This set with the training manual provides useful insights.


        Los Angeles, CA


        The graphics are nice, and the lessons are easy

        I don´t know if my cat will learn many tricks she´s learned to sit and high-five so far!


        Hoboken, NJ


        What I liked about this training kit is that it's not just for experienced cat owners; it provides easy-to-follow advice that new cat owners could benefit from as well.


        Madeira, Portugal


        In short, the best cat training kit in the market.

        It's definitely worth a try if you have a feline friend at home. ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐



        Albert & Mia Cat Starter Training Kit

        Each item on the Albert & Mia Cat Training Starter Kit has been meticulously crafted to appeal to the most finicky of cats and to make teaching easy and enjoyable.

        Quick Start Guide

        Our guide is here to help! Dive into easy-to-follow techniques that'll make training your cat a breeze.

        You'll learn how to communicate better with your furry friend/s and see positive changes in their behavior.

        The best part? It's all laid out in simple, everyday language. No jargon, no fuss. With this guide, not only will your cat learn fun tricks like high five or sitting on command, but you and your cat grow closer and enjoy a more harmonious living space.

        Quiet Clicker

        Our quiet clicker produces a softer, quieter click sound compared to the standard clicker.

        Standard clickers can sometimes be quite loud as they are designed to be used outdoors. The loud sound might be startling or overwhelming for some sensitive animals, particularly cats.

        The quiet clicker ensures that the animal is not scared or startled by the sound, but can still recognize it as a positive marker for the desired behavior. Ideal for indoor cat training!

        Click Stick Target

        A target stick or wand, often with a ball or brightly colored tip at the end is used to guide or lure the animal to a specific location or to perform a certain action.

        Our Click Stick Target is a combination tool that has both the clicker and the target stick integrated into one device. So, on one end, you'd have the target (like the ball or brightly colored tip) and the other part of the device would function as a clicker.

        This tool is especially handy because it allows trainers to guide the cat's movements with the target and immediately mark the desired behavior with the clicker without having to juggle between two separate tools.

        Treats Pouch

        This cotton bag will serve you both as the starter kit carrier, to keep your tools in one place, and also as a treats pouch during training, so that your cat can't snatch the treats as easily.

        Share Your Pictures and Earn!

        We are looking for people like you!
        Share your training progress and earn rewards!

        Training your cat is easier than you think. The secret is clicker training!

        It's all based on a simple idea: if cats get rewarded for doing something, they'll probably do it again.

        The secret is to use a clicker.

        A clicker is just a small tool that makes a sound. They'll quickly catch on that the click means they did something good.

        Any cat can learn!

        Regardless of age or breed, every cat understands clicker training.

        Behaviors that are rewarded are likely to be repeated in the future.