Most famous cats of the history: Tama the Feline Stationmaster

Most famous cats of the history: Tama the Feline Stationmaster

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Today is the torn of Tama the Feline Stationmaster. Are you ready?

Tama the Feline Stationmaster

In the heart of Japan, nestled within the town of Kinokawa in Wakayama Prefecture, a remarkable story unfolded—one that involved a stray cat who became a symbol of good luck and brought fame and prosperity to a struggling railway station. This is the inspiring history of Tama, the cat who served as the stationmaster of Kishi Station and captured the hearts of people worldwide.


The Humble Beginnings

Tama's story began in the early 2000s when she was just an ordinary stray calico cat, living near Kishi Station, a small, local railway station operated by the Wakayama Electric Railway. During this time, Kishi Station was facing a bleak future. Declining ridership and financial difficulties threatened to close its doors forever.

A Chance Encounter

In 2007, fate intervened when Tama was adopted by the station's employees, particularly station manager Toshiko Koyama. Recognizing Tama's presence as an opportunity to turn their fortunes around, the employees decided to give her an honorary title—stationmaster. Tama was outfitted with a miniature stationmaster's cap and uniform, transforming her into an adorable and charming symbol of the station.

The Rise of Tama

Tama the Feline Stationmaster

Tama's transformation into a stationmaster quickly garnered attention. People from near and far began visiting Kishi Station to catch a glimpse of the feline stationmaster. Tama's photogenic appearance and sweet disposition won over tourists and locals alike. She even had her own office—a converted ticket booth—in which she would occasionally "work."

Turning Fortunes Around

Tama's impact on Kishi Station was more than just symbolic. Her presence led to a significant increase in ridership as people flocked to the station to see her. The station's revenue began to improve, and it was saved from closure. Tama had become a symbol of good fortune for the station and the community it served.

A Global Sensation

News of Tama's unique role as a stationmaster spread like wildfire. She became a global sensation, featured in news articles, television shows, and documentaries. Tama's fame even earned her various honors and awards, including the title of "Honorary Eternal Stationmaster."

Tama's Legacy

Tragically, in June 2015, Tama passed away at the age of 16. However, her legacy lives on. A special shrine was erected in her honor at Kishi Station, ensuring that she would forever be remembered as the beloved feline stationmaster who saved the station.

Moreover, Wakayama Electric Railway, appointed another cat as Tama’s successor: Nitama (Tama the Second), a 5-year-old calico female, to become the new master of Kishi Station, hoping the tradition will continue to attract passengers.

Nitama (Tama’s successor)

The station remains a magnet for sightseers, attracting a large number of visitors during weekends. Its status as a cherished and ever-popular tourism spot in Wakayama continues to thrive.

The history of Tama reminds us of the power of animals to bring positivity to our lives and how they can make a significant impact on their communities.

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