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You already know what clicker training is and have been successful at training your cat. This package is aimed to help cats and cat guardians that already have mastered basic training skills advance to the next level. We are goig to review tools and tactics to successfully get to the next level of cat training. Advanced clicker training includes but it's not limited to:

  • Breaking Complex Tricks in Small Games
  • Training with Competing Stimuli
  • Cat Agility

The Advanced Cat Training package includes:

  1. One Extended Set Up Consultation (1) 2 hours session
  2. Two Follow Up Consultations (2) 30min sessions
  3. Support Between Sessions via e-mail (up to 60 days after 1st session)

Cats can learn almost anything and with it, bonding with your cat, correcting or redirecting behaviors becomes easy. It doesn't matter your cat's breed or how old they are. This training will give you the tools you need to advance to the next level!



1. How long can I wait between sessions?
It is recommended to keep the sessions close to each other. The expectation is to not wait more than 1 week between sessions, so about 3 weeks. Nonetheless, you can spread the cat training sessions up to 60 days since the first advanced clicker training class.
2. Can I use DM's instead of e-mail for the follow up support?
Absolutely! e-mail is more convenient and allows everyone to use additional support tools like videos or links, but while the training lasts (60 days) we can use either e-mail or DM's. 
3. Can I get a refund after purchase?
YES. The sessions are diveded in 3 parts accounting for a total of 3hours. If after any of the sessions you decide to back off, you will be refunded the sessions you have not used at the rate of 100$/hour.
4. Can I get additional DM or e-mail support?
YES. We provide continuous support via e-mail or DM's to our VIP Patreons. Become a Patreon clicking here.


After checkout we'll send you an e-mail asking for a little more context and share next available hours to schedule the first 2hours session.

At the end of the session we'll define when the next 30 min follow up session will be. After the 2nd session we'll arrange the next and final 30min session.

You'll be able to book additional 1 hour follow up sessions for $100 each.


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