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Adventure Cat Training

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90min 1o1 consultation to train your cat to walk on a leash and go outdoors with you. This session is aimed to give you the tools and guidance you need to successfully take your cat on adventures with you. From harness acclimatation to leash walking and outdoors desensitization.

I have developed these sessions while training my cat Mia and helping other cat owners along the way. Each cat is unique, because of that, the session is going to be divided in 3 parts:

  1. Get to know your cat and your expectations via e-mail
  2. I will share a training program made for your cat and you (1) 90min session 
  3. Follow up to address struggles and course correct (e-mail or DM)

Taking your cat outdoors with you on a leash is possible and with it, draining their energy and allowing them to explore their raw nature becomes easy. It doesn't matter your cat's breed or how old they are. This training will give you the tools you need to succeed!



1. Can old cats enjoy going on adventures?
Yes! Any cat can and will enjoy walking on a leash. Positive reinforcement leverages the willingness of your cat to do things and by rewarding them, they are likely going to be repeated. This is a very straightforward training method that works in any cat, regardless of the breed or the age.
However, older cats will take longer to get acclimated to new stimuli and, particularly in busy cities with loads of cars and dogs, it might take longer to get them to enjoy.
2. My cat rejects the harness, can I still go on adventures with them?
Absolutely! Some cats react very poorly to the harness. With positive reinforcement, you can help your cat to create a positive association with it and make outdoor adventures possible. 
3. Can I get a refund after purchase?
YES. The sessions are diveded in 3 parts. If before doing the 1 hour consultation you feel like the program doesn't meet your needs, we'll refund you 100% of what you paid. 


During the checkout, you'll be prompted to set up 90min for the first 1o1. Make sure to schedule at least one week ahead in time so that we can have the needed e-mail interaction to better understand your needs. Then, you will receive an e-mail confirmation for that session.

Once you complete the first session, you'll be able to connect via e-mail or DM to address struggles and course correct.

You'll be able to book additional 30min follow up sessions for $100 each.


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The harness is designed to stay on, but a cat displaying that kind of behavior is a cat that's developed sensitivity against the harness, and counterconditioning is needed.

1) Get a harness that's light and flexible like this one, so that your cat is comfortable wearing it.
2) Let your cat impregnate the harness with their pheromones by placing it in areas where they sleep.
3) Put the harness on for short periods of time and offer food and playtime.
4) Train your cat to wear the harness and the leash indoors before going outdoors.
5) Start outdoor adventures in quiet places and make sure they are short and sweet.

Measure the girth of your cat, around the ribcage. Get the Kitten size if the girth is between 9-12 inches and the adult size if it's between 12-16 inches.

This harness was designed for all cats, but the name of the brand was inspired by my cat Mia, a bengal cat. The harness fits and works the exact same on any cat breed.

Every cat can learn to walk on a leash. The time it takes for them to thrive outdoors varies depending on factors like age, socialization, and personality.

Take the adventure cat test to see how strong is the outdoor drive on your cat.

Yes, the S size has been specifically designed for kittens. Check your cat's girth to know what size will offer the best fit for your kitten.

This harness is very light, for cats that are starting and cats that need more freedom and confort.

If your cat is overweight, make sure to measure the girth of your cat and ensure that the size you choose is the right fit.

The Large harness (L size) has been reinforced to support the weight and strength of a larger cat.

Yes, the escape-proof cat harness comes with a 6ft long leash.

Putting the Outdoor Bengal cat harness on your furry friend will be easy.

There are 2 ways to go about it:

- Teach your cat to sit and stay, then put the harness on.

- Holding the cat between your ribs and your elbow sitting on a sofa and using your free hands to put the harness on.

Download the manual if you need further detail and illustrations.

Don't take our word for it


We bought the M size for our male cat. He is not a big cat but the harness fits him just fine (with room for adjustment if he gets any bigger).


Jersey City, NJ


This harness is very cleverly designed, light weight, and unobtrusive. It does not restrict the movement of the cat, and is ideal for hiking adventures. It’s very easy to put on and in terms of the cat’s behavior, she acts like she isn’t wearing a harness at all.

J. Singh

Los Angeles, CA


This harness is so light weight and comfortable!
It took maximum 6 hours for my cat, Delilah to accept it. And now she enjoys her adventures outside!
Great harness!


Ontario, Canada